Caprice Holdings Ltd

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"We’re looking for a shark from Essex - Richard has seen the latest ideas and has said that he really wants to go to town on it, have a massive image of a whale shark on the Berkeley Square side and the lips and eyelashes be really elaborate and in your face"

I was commissioned by the Caprice group to design a promotional banner for their latest restaurant venture  SexyFish. 

The brief was to create ‘a neon fish from Essex’ to wrap around the hoarding of the Mayfair construction site 27 x 5 meters. The client requested the sign to be illuminated, so my initial designs contained LED flex lighting. This was swiftly rejected by Westminster council planning. We looked at various materials to create a realistic neon effect, including phosphorescent stickers. 

The solution was to illustrate the shark in Cinema 4D and print the banner panels with HP’s latest water-based printer to achieve the vibrancy needed.

sexy fish3BLACK copysexy fish3BLACK copy